A Neighborhood Eatery

Every good neighborhood deserves an eatery where locals and visitors can come together and enjoy “honest food done right.” Welcome to Farmer’s Table, your farm-to-table destination, where we bring locally sourced organic ingredients together to be savored in an inviting atmosphere.

What does farm-to-table mean? It means that all the ingredients we use come directly from our local farmers in San Diego, to your plate, with no stops in between. This way, we can guarantee a level of freshness that is unparalleled in all of San Diego! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality of ingredients that will leave them reminiscing about their meal for weeks to come. Stop by Farmer’s Table to experience food the way it’s meant to be, fresh and delicious.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we’ve incorporated innovative spins on time-tested, family recipes that dig down into our Sicilian roots. We’ve even imported a Stefano Ferrara pizza oven directly from Napoli, to demonstrate our commitment to authentic cooking methods and flavors. Along with a slate of wood-fired pizzas and flatbreads, Farmer’s Table offers specialties such as organic eggs, and local seasonal vegetables to satisfy every hungry guest.

From custom chandeliers and light fixtures to a 1940 tractor in the bar, our décor presents a tasteful arrangement of rough-hewn, vintage details. Our bar and seating areas are lit with Einstein bulbs for that extra touch, to enhance your experience with the right kind of ambiance as you spend time eating, drinking, and relaxing in our roomy, casual space. 80% of all the décor is reclaimed material.

Steak dish
Pizza dish