🎄✨Feel the spirit of the season at Little Italy Farmers Table! 🍽️✨

At Farmer’s Table Little Italy, the spirit of Christmas Eve and Day unfolds in a culinary tapestry, weaving together the warmth of tradition and the excitement of festive innovation. As patrons step into the inviting ambiance of the restaurant, they are greeted by the intoxicating aromas of carefully crafted dishes and the twinkle of holiday lights that dance in celebration.

For those seeking a familiar culinary journey, the a la carte dinner menu, cherished throughout the year, remains an enticing option. Its diverse offerings showcase the restaurant’s commitment to farm-to-table excellence, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients that have become a hallmark of Farmer’s Table. From appetizers to desserts, each dish on the a la carte menu is a testament to culinary artistry and a celebration of seasonal flavors.

However, for the Christmas festivities, Farmer’s Table Little Italy unveils a special 3-course Christmas menu, a delightful culinary exploration priced at only $55 per person. This curated menu is a testament to the chef’s creativity, presenting a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of the season.

Whether guests choose the beloved a la carte menu or opt for the specially crafted Christmas menu, Farmer’s Table Little Italy ensures that every dish is a celebration of flavor and a testament to the joy of the season. The attentive staff, adorned in festive attire, adds a personal touch to the experience, ensuring that every moment spent at Farmer’s Table Little Italy becomes a cherished memory of a Christmas celebration filled with culinary delights and shared warmth.