Farmer’s Table’s Barnyard Bloody Mary Truly Transports the Barn to Your Favorite Brunch Cocktail

Prepare for the offbeat, the extraordinary: you have never feasted on a more extravagantly packed drink nor tasted a more peculiar delicacy than Farmer’s Table’s Barnyard Bloody Mary. The award-winning hand-crafted drink, featured on media outlets nationwide and rated by the Food Network as one of the “Most Over the Top Bloody Marys in America,” is a tall unconventional twist on a brunch favorite that includes more than fifteen ingredients, including an entire roasted chicken and hot dogs on skewers. 

Farmer’s Table, a restaurant known for its organic farm-to-fork ideal, certainly brings most of the barn and some of the sea to their Barnyard Bloody Mary. Named one of the “10 Craziest Cocktails to Sip in San Diego” by Locale Magazine, this drink refuses a spot anywhere other than as the spotlight of your meal. 

The one-of-a-kind cocktail is meticulously created with a base of half a bottle of vodka and Farmer’s Table’s very own house spice blend. Skewers of pickled veggies, Mexican-style street corn, short ribs, bacon-wrapped shrimp, truffle arugula potatoes, chorizo, hot dogs, mozzarella, and tomatoes followed an arrangement of celery and lettuce. A whole meal in a jug, the spectacle is topped with a juicy, tender, oven-roasted chicken drizzled in BBQ sauce. From the barnyard straight to your barn stool at Farmer’s Table, this bloody mary is a perfect brunch special for meat-lovers who crave an extra kick and are not afraid to leap out of bounds. 

Farmer’s Table places no limitations on those starving for this cocktail—the Barnyard Bloody Mary is available seven days a week, from 9 am to 2:45 pm. It’s brunch time somewhere, right? Invite friends, family, and even people you’re meeting for the first time. Farmer’s Table’s decor, locally sourced organic dishes, and of course, their collection of original bloody marys, provides plenty of opportunities to break the ice and enjoy an unforgettable afternoon. 

The restaurant offers four other delicious bloody marys, each of which combined in one pitcher creates the Barnyard Mary. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, the Peter Rabbit incorporates melted mozzarella on skewered mushrooms as well as arugula potato and pickled vegetables. Want a spicier drink? Try the Ragin’ Cajun, with the addition of bacon-wrapped shrimp, andouille sausage, and jalapeño. Each cocktail cradles a distinctive flavor matched seamlessly with Farmer’s Table’s traditional roots that when combined together creates a drink absolutely unique to this destination and a true experience waiting to be seized. 

Farmers Table presents a comprehensive farm-to-fork experience complete with food, drink, and ambiance. But if there’s one item on their menu that will keep you coming back (with more friends in tow, of course), it’s their Barnyard Bloody Mary, an outlandish eccentricity offered only here at Farmer’s Table in San Diego.